How to place an order

Step one
Have a chat to your clients about their families needs. Collect details including how many children require our assistance, what specific items they might be needing, ages and gender of children, and any special requirements for the children.

Step two

On your Dashboard, select Start your order to commence your order. Please note if you have multiple clients to order for, you will need to complete a separate order for each client.

Step three

Select from the category you wish to order from. Select the individual item or pack you’d like to order. Enter the details required and the quantity, and Add to cart. Complete step three as required for multiple children of different ages and genders. We ask that you only order one pack/item per child/family.

Step four
View your cart once you’ve selected all the items your client requires. Check your cart to ensure your order is correct. Select Proceed to checkout.

Step five
Enter the details of the caseworker or service provider who will be collecting the gifts to deliver to your client. Add any order notes eg. pickup availability, if you will collect goods later than 5 business days. Enter the details of your client. (Collection of personal information and data is in line with our Privacy Policy.) Select Place order.

Step six

Note your order number as you will need to cite the number to our team when you collect the gifts. You will also receive an email order confirmation. We will contact you to let you know when your gifts are ready for collection. We try our best to ensure gifts are picked, packed and ready for collection within 5 business days.

Step seven

After you receive an order ready confirmation, collect your order within 2 business days from 1/12 Cooper Street. Our collection hours are from 10am-3pm Monday-Friday. If you need to contact us about your order please email Jaimee at or call 0403 572 818