It takes a village to raise a child

Welcome to Loved & Shared, a nonprofit organisation established to create meaningful social and environmental impact across South West Victoria.

Caring community, thriving children, healthy planet

We work in partnership with our community to gift and rehome high-quality donated nursery and children’s goods, ensuring all families have access to essential resources needed to raise thriving children, while reducing the amount of goods sent to landfill in our region.

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Our impact

Over 4,500* children in our region live in poverty and do not have access to the essential resources required to grow and thrive, while tonnes of high-quality nursery and children’s items are being sent to landfill each year.

Loved & Shared aim to make a difference by bringing our community together to share new and preloved nursery and children’s goods across our region.

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How we work

Rehome your items

We accept donations of high-quality nursery and children’s goods that are new or in excellent preloved condition. We give all donated items a ‘dignity test’ by considering if we’d gift it to our most cherished friend. We safety check each item, and we aim for zero waste by ensuring each item can be rehomed. Rehome your items by booking a drop off session.

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Gifts packed with care by volunteers

We maintain value in preloved goods and the dignity of recipients, by beautifully packing and presenting donated items as gifts, using eco-friendly, recyclable, and compostable packaging. Volunteers are the beating heart of Loved & Shared and each gift is packed with care by a volunteer from our community.

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Gifts packed with care by volunteers

Distribute Loved & Shared gifts

We partner with support agencies, social welfare organisations, and maternal and child health services to coordinate the distribution of gifted goods. To support your clients with Loved & Shared gifts, register your organisation’s details by signing up.

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