It takes a village to raise a child

Welcome to Loved & Shared, a charity established to create meaningful social and environmental impact across South West Victoria.

Our work

Loved & Shared is built on the premise ‘it takes a village to raise a child.’ We come together as a community to gift and rehome high-quality donated nursery and children’s goods to families experiencing hardship.

We involve a dedicated network of volunteers, support services and organisations, community groups, goods donors, financial donors and other supporters in our work. Together, we ensure all families in South West Victoria have access to essential resources required to raise thriving children.

We believe that communities are strengthened when people come together to share resources, skills, and assets. Our gifts alleviate the pressures of financial hardship, assist families to become active and engaged in their community, and support the physical and emotional needs of children facing adversity.

Our work to gift and rehome new and preloved nursery and children’s goods reduces the number of items sent to landfill in our region. We are passionate about preserving the earth’s precious natural resources for future generations.

Caring community, thriving children, healthy planet

We are here for our community

We are here for resilient families, carers and children who are facing adversity. We are here for our conscientious, caring, and proactive community who want to create a meaningful social and environmental impact. We are here to enable equal opportunity for the benefit of our whole community.

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Our impact

In South West Victoria, 20% of the population aged 0-8 are considered vulnerable on 1 or more of the 5 critical childhood development criteria, this is significantly higher than the state average*.

*idcommunity ( and Remplan Community Profile (

Over 4,500* children in our region live in poverty and do not have access to the essential resources required to grow and thrive, while tonnes of high-quality nursery and children’s items are being sent to landfill each year.

4358 kg of goods donated in 2022-2023

We strengthen our community

By improving access to essential resources, we enable equal opportunity, we strengthen our community, and we build a better future for the next generation.
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We aim to distribute 300 gifts in 2023

We maintain dignity

We give all donated items a ‘dignity test’ by considering if we’d gift it to our most cherished friend. Our donated items are beautifully packed and presented like a gift to maintain the dignity of recipients.
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434 volunteer hours contributed in 2023

We build connection

We provide an opportunity for people from all walks of life to come together through volunteerism. We offer a broad range of volunteer opportunities that seek diverse skills and experience. We provide an inclusive space for learning and participation. We nurture a culture of connection, belonging and purpose.
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We aim to divert 3000 kg of goods from landfill in 2023

We retain the earth’s precious resources

We value our natural environment and we want to preserve resources for future generations. By rehoming preloved nursery and children’s goods, we reduce the amount of goods sent to landfill and retain natural resources used to make children’s goods.
We aim for 0 kg of waste sent to landfill in 2023

We aim for zero waste

We integrate sustainability into our operations to minimise our environmental footprint, and we champion an environmentally conscious culture. We are proactive in recycling, reusing and redistributing processes. Our gifts are packed using eco-friendly, recyclable and compostable packaging.